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ProHealth Care Hospital Charges

In the early 2000s, ProHealth Care became one of the first providers in the country to publish charges for its most common procedures.

In 2011, Wisconsin enacted a law that requires all health care providers to publish a report that lists their hospital pricing and quality information for the 75 most common inpatient stays and the 75 most frequent outpatient surgical procedures in Wisconsin.

For all stays and procedures — and assuming no medical complications — the charge information provided in this report includes the following:

  • The median billed charges for these stays and procedures at ProHealth Care hospitals;
  • The average allowable payment under Medicare for these stays and procedures;
  • The average allowable payment from insurers and health plans for these stays and procedures.

View ProHealth Care reports

Use the links below to view and print reports for ProHealth hospitals.

ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital                 

ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital           

If you would like a copy of either report and do not have access to a printer, call 1-866-432-7855 and a customer service representative can mail a copy to you.

You can also find additional information on the Wisconsin Hospital Association's Wisconsin PricePoint website. There you can find median billed charges for all inpatient stays and a growing number of outpatient stays for all Wisconsin hospitals. To view this charge information — and compare charges between ProHealth Care hospitals and others in the state, click here.