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Community Benefit

ProHealth Care’s commitment to community well-being is an essential part of its mission to continuously improve the health of the community. ProHealth Care has a long and proud history of investing in community health programs and partnering with other organizations to identify and address the most urgent health needs in the communities they serve. Our community benefit programs work to tackle some of the obstacles to health and wellness for the most vulnerable among us, fostering positive health behaviors and the development of a "safety net" of health services for disadvantaged individuals.

Key areas of community health care needs

ProHealth Care’s community benefit initiatives are guided and monitored by the Community Benefit Committee, composed of board representatives and Waukesha-area community and non-profit leaders. The centerpiece of this committee’s work is the community health needs assessment (CHNA) that is used to identify and address health barriers and issues. This assessment is conducted every three years and includes an implementation plan to address identified issues.

ProHealth Care also participated in the Milwaukee Collaborative to create the following report.