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When you choose ProHealth Care for your cancer care, you can be confident in your choice. We believe every patient deserves excellent care, respect and compassion. It’s the way you should be treated.


Patients are essential part of treatment planning

Our patients are at the center of everything we do, so you can expect to be highly involved in the direction your cancer treatment takes. You'll also find that our comprehensive care team will provide guidance and assistance every step of the way.


Your partners in the treatment planning process

  • Physicians and surgeons, who have trained at nationally renowned academic medical centers and are board certified in cancer care.
  • Highly experienced nurses specially trained to care for patients with cancer.
  • Nurse navigators, who serve as your partner throughout your cancer care, working closely with your care team to ensure all of your needs are met.
  • Dietitians, who are trained in supporting the unique nutrition and dietary needs of patients with cancer.
  • On-site genetic counselors, to help you evaluate your family history. They will assess the role heredity played in your cancer, whether you have an increased risk of additional cancer or if you and your family members have a risk of developing cancer.
  • Rehabilitation specialists, a team of therapists who can help reduce the effects of cancer and treatment, and improve a patient's quality of life.
  • Research specialists, who explain current clinical trials and how they help ensure patients can access targeted therapies and the most up-to-date treatments currently available. 
  • Social workers, who lend support for your emotional, financial and community resource needs.


Effective cancer care means collaboration

You’ll also benefit from having your care reviewed at a weekly meeting of the cancer care team. This meeting brings together medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons and sub-specialists, pathologists, radiologists, interventional radiologists and other members of the care team. Working collaboratively, they review and discuss each patient’s diagnosis to determine the best treatment plan and options.

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Cancer diagnosis: Knowledge is power

After being diagnosed, all patients are connected with a nurse navigator who helps provide education, and ensures patients and families have the information they need to make informed decisions.

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