Nationally recognized care

More than ever, patients and family members want access to information that helps them determine which program provides the highest quality care and best overall patient outcomes. ProHealth Care consistently maintains all accreditations and certifications currently available for community cancer programs to ensure that our programs are meeting or exceeding all national guidelines for quality care.

Commission on Cancer

Outstanding Achievement Award from the CoC

The UW Cancer Center at ProHealth Care has maintained Outstanding Achievement Award status from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC) since 2004. The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes cancer programs that demonstrate excellence by earning commendation for all applicable standards and providing quality care to patients with cancer.

What does CoC accreditation mean to you?

Maintaining CoC accreditation means we offer access to the full scope of services required to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and support patients with cancer including:

  • Comprehensive, patient-centered care by a multidisciplinary team
  • Access to information on clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Ongoing monitoring of care and lifelong patient follow-up
  • Psychosocial support and survivorship care
  • Continuous quality improvement in patient care
  • Nurse navigation throughout the continuum of care

Quality Oncology Practice Initiative

ProHealth Care was the first health care system in southeastern Wisconsin to be certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) for the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative and is one of only seven certified programs in Wisconsin.

QOPI certification

To achieve QOPI certification, our oncology practice must meet or exceed a benchmark score on measures that compare the quality of our care against national standards. ASCO is the world’s leading professional organization representing physicians who care for people with cancer. QOPI certification ensures that outpatient hematology and medical oncology care meets or exceeds national quality standards.

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers

ProHealth Care’s breast health services are recognized by American College of Surgeons for achieving the highest level of excellence in breast care and outcomes that meet or exceed national benchmarks. To receive accreditation, ProHealth Care must pass a rigorous evaluation by independent clinical surveyors.

What does NAPBC accreditation mean to you?

Breast health services that achieve NAPBC accreditation have demonstrated a commitment to offer patients every significant advantage in their battle against breast disease. Receiving care at an NAPBC-accredited center ensures patients can rely on:

  • Comprehensive care, including a full range of state-of-the-art services
  • A multidisciplinary team <link to breast team> National Surgical Quality Improvement Program
  • Access to breast cancer-related information, education and support
  • Information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Breast cancer data collection and monitoring of quality indicators
  • Nurse navigation throughout the continuum of care

American College of Radiology

ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital is one of only nine facilities in Wisconsin to receive a Certificate of Radiation Oncology Practice Accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR).

What does ACR certification of a radiation oncology program mean to you?

ACR certified practices must demonstrate a commitment to delivering the highest quality care, meeting and exceeding national standards, and improving the practice of radiation oncology and patient outcomes over time. The ACR provides third-party, impartial peer review and evaluation of patient care, staff, equipment, treatment planning and records, patient safety and quality control.

National Surgical Quality Improvement Program

ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital is one of only two hospitals in southeastern Wisconsin to participate in the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program, an organization committed to improving the quality of surgical care. It is the first nationally validated, risk-adjusted, outcomes-based program to measure and improve the quality of surgical care.

Community Outreach Summary Reports

ProHealth Care uses an evidence-based practice approach to treating cancer. This means using the best evidence and research available to support the decision-making process for recommended treatment protocols. As a Commission on Cancer-accredited program, ProHealth Care submits data, and has access to the National Cancer Database (NCDB). ProHealth Care uses this information to monitor performance against national standards for established treatment protocols.

NCDB Report

One report generated from the NCDB is the Cancer Program Practice Profile Report which allows accredited programs, like ProHealth Care, to compare their performance to other CoC accredited programs in Wisconsin and the U.S. Currently there are three treatment protocols for breast cancer and three for colorectal cancer that the NCDB has selected for focus.

ProHealth Care is proud to exceed CoC-expected performance for all six of the protocols monitored.

In addition, ProHealth Care is committed to offering cancer education and screening programs to enhance access to cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. Following are reports on our quality initiatives and outreach efforts.

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