Nurse Residency Program

Nurse Residency Program

Clinical Context


ProHealth Care offers a Nurse Residency Program based on Benner’s Novice-to-Expert Model. The program is designed to support our novice nurses’ transition into professional nursing practice.

Monthly learning sessions will assist you in:

  • Developing effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance

  • Strengthening your  commitment to nursing as a professional career choice

  • Formulating an individual development plan for your  new clinical role

  • Developing a psychosocial support system to help you deal with the challenges of your new role 

  • Incorporating research-based evidence into practice


FAQ’s about the Nurse Residency Program


How can the Nurse Residency Program benefit me?

We know that the first year as a new nurse can be frightening, stressful, and overwhelming.   This program will provide you with an educational support system to help you transition in this first year so you can continue to build your nursing practice knowledge, and a psychosocial support system to help you deal with the challenges you face in learning your new role.

What is the structure of the Nurse Residency Program?

One day/month you will join your nurse resident peers from other units and engage in interactive and enriching learning sessions, which will help you to critically reflect on your nursing practice.  These sessions, facilitated by advanced practice nurses and other health care providers at ProHealth Care, will foster your learning from the experiences you encounter on your clinical unit.

When would I start the Nurse Residency Program?

Because the Nurse Residency Program is ongoing, you would be enrolled in the class closest to your hire date.

How long is the Nurse Residency Program?

The Nurse Residents meets one day a month for six months.

How is the Nurse Residency Program different from orientation?

The typical  orientation focuses on technical skills as well as unit and hospital wide policies and procedures. The nurse residency program focuses on the transition from the student role to the professional nurse role.

The goals of the program are:

  • To provide you with support over a longer period of time to facilitate the successful transition from beginner to competent practitioner.

  • To provide you with a “Clinical Coach” who will support you throughout the program.

  • To assist you with professional development and opportunities to meet with leaders throughout the organization.