Education & Support


To support breastfeeding moms, ProHealth Care offers:

  • Breastfeeding classes & support groups
  • Breast pump rental
  • Individual consultations with board-certified lactation consultants. To speak with a ProHealth Care lactation consultant, call 262-928-7650.


After suffering a loss, families may need help through this difficult time. We can provide assistance during the grieving process for those who have experienced a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn death including:

  • One-on-one support for families
  • Guidance from social workers and chaplains
  • Annual communal burial services in Oconomowoc and Waukesha

For more information, call 262-928-4090.

Depression – baby blues or something more serious

Nearly half of all women experience some degree of depression (“baby blues”) after delivery. Baby blues usually begin a few days after delivery and can last up to two weeks. Symptoms often improve with simple measures such as eating healthy, sleeping more and obtaining support from family and friends.

Postpartum depression is much more serious and up to 15 percent of women experience it during the postpartum period. It usually begins during the first month after delivery, but can occur anytime during the first two years after delivery. Treatment may include support groups, psychiatric counseling and antidepressant medications.

Moving through pregnancy, birth and recovery

This aquatics class helps prenatal and postnatal women strengthen the muscles most needed for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and recovery.

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