CardioMEMs Educational Event: THIS PROGRAM IS CANCELED

ProHealth Care offers a new device that remotely monitors and detects changes in heart pressures, which commonly signal worsening heart failure. The Cardio MEMSTM Heart Failure System allows doctors to easily adjust medications, which helps patients avoid hospitalization. Designed to identify problems before symptoms become noticeable to a patient, this dime-sized, wireless device is placed in the pulmonary artery during an outpatient procedure. Then, once a day, a patient simply rests for a few minutes on a CardioMEMS pillow while it takes pressure readings. Through a small electronic unit about the size of a transistor radio, sensors in the pillow send readings to a secure database. Patients can’t feel the sensor or the readings being taken, and the CardioMEMSTM system does not require anything to be worn that would restrict activities. The ProHealth Heart Failure team regularly reviews sensor data to see how patients are doing. Usually all that’s needed is a simple adjustment to a patient’s current medication, which can be done by phone. We invite you to learn about this new monitoring system during this free education program.

-GB 2/19/2018

Monday, July 16, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Physician Referral & Class Enrollment Service, 262-928-2745
Fees & Payment:
Cost: Free
Registration is Closed