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"How did we get from that small two room basement clinic in 1992 to where we are now? By having a dream, by having a vision of what might be possible. By asking, why not?"
~ Richard Hansen, MD, retired medical oncologist and honorary physician chair of cancer center campaign

Our Fundraising Goal:  $7 million

All of the services at the new cancer center, from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship, have the same goal: helping patients and their families enhance and optimize their quality of life after a cancer diagnosis.


If you'd like to learn more about giving opportunities, email the ProHealth Care Foundation     or call 262-928-4047

$6 million to support facility needs and healing environment


$1 million to support patient needs through
oncology nurse navigators and the survivorship program

Nurse Navigators

Specially trained oncology nurse navigators partner with every newly diagnosed cancer patient and are a single point of contact for the patient and their family during their cancer journey and beyond. The nurse navigators work in partnership with a team of cancer specialists, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, specialized surgeons and other clinicians who are all committed to providing the patient with the best possible course of treatment. Oncology nurse navigators:

  • Listen and address patient and family needs.

  • Provide information and education on cancer diagnoses and treatment options.

  • Offer psychosocial support to help manage stress and anxiety.

  • Act as advocates to help remove barriers to care and assure care transitions are timely and well coordinated.

  • Engage patients in care planning and self-care to promote optimal health throughout cancer care and beyond.

Survivorship Program

At the UW Cancer Center at ProHealth Care, survivorship begins on the day of diagnosis. This program is designed to address the patient’s overall health and well-being throughout every step of the cancer journey.

Crafted to meet individual needs, the program includes weekly education sessions on topics such as nutrition, exercise and physical fitness, integrative medicine, art therapy, and more. Participants also benefit from one-on-one appointments with cancer team members such as a nurse practitioner, rehabilitation specialist, dietitian, and social worker.


Participants also find support in the relationships they form with other cancer survivors who are at various stages in their cancer journey.




Cancer Center Campaign Committee​

Tony and Andrea Bryant
Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Chris Fenske-Eben
David Roelke, MD
Campaign Co-Chairs

Richard Hansen, MD
Honorary Physician Chair

Betty Arndt
Campaign Advisor

Sue Bellehumeur
Gary Beyer, MD
Nancy Bonniwell
Tom Dalum
Mac Dorn
Mary Fox, MD
Mary Hollister, MD
Peter Johnson, MD
Scott Kraemer
Sue Lacy
David Nagy
Ken Riesch
Ty Taylor
Barbara Tewes Berndt
John Wimmer
Dawn Wittak