Athletic Performance Improvement

Our training programs help athletes of all ages enhance their performance by improving efficiency in body movement and imbalances in flexibility, strength and coordination. 

It begins with a comprehensive functional performance assessment, where your body movement patterns are monitored and measured against characteristics of standard function. The results are used to develop a personalized program to help you overcome challenges and achieve your personal goals.

Improvement programs could include:

  • Drills to increase speed and agility
  • Workouts to improve endurance
  • Coaching on modifiable risk factors to reduce the risk of injury
  • Instruction on proper sport-specific mechanics to improve function

Progress is tracked, monitored and evaluated via an app. This collected data helps to refine your personal program, empowering you to improve and achieve success.

Program packages are available in three, six and ten session bundles.

Request an assessment

To schedule your one-hour functional performance assessment, please complete and submit the form below. Or, call 262-928-4636.



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