Hospital medicine is an area of medicine devoted to the comprehensive care of patients while they are in the hospital. Hospitalists work with individuals from the time they enter the hospital until the time they leave. They serve as an extension of a patient's primary care physician or provider and work to ensure care will seamlessly transition back to the personal provider when a patient returns home.

At ProHealth Care, hospitalists are board-certified internal medicine specialists who have devoted their practices solely to hospital medicine. Hospitalists work in teams to provide adult care around the clock. The physicians are supported by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Together they:

  • Review patient health histories and records 
  • Conduct physical examinations
  • Order diagnostic tests, medications and other treatment
  • Develop personalized treatment plans
  • Evaluate and treat the whole patient
  • Discuss care with patients and family members
  • Work within the hospital to improve the delivery of care
  • Coordinate care with other providers as needed
  • Develop a comprehensive follow-up plan when it is time for patients to leave the hospital

The use of an electronic medical record (EMR) greatly enhances the ability of hospitalists to learn about a patient's unique inpatient and outpatient history, coordinate care, and share the treatment plan with other providers, including the patient’s primary care provider. With the written consent of a patient, the hospitalists are able to view records from other hospitals and physicians outside of the ProHealth network using a tool called Care Everywhere. The EMR also offers ProHealth MyChart, a tool that allows patients to stay up to date and informed about their care.

Hospitalists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide care at ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital and ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

Health care research has confirmed that hospitalist programs can enhance quality of care and reduce health care costs. This translates to better care for the patient with fewer unnecessary tests, less discomfort and an earlier dismissal from the hospital.

The goals of our program are to help ensure patients and families stay well informed and that care is delivered safely and efficiently so patients can begin to recover, regain their strength and ultimately return home. When recovery is not possible, the hospitalist team will discuss options for end-of-life care with patient's and families, work to ensure that effective, compassionate care is available and assist with the transition from the hospital.


ProHealth Minute: Hospitalists

Hospitalists are primary care physicians that treat patients in the hospital. They are available 24/7 and keep in contact with your physician so follow-up care can be provided once you return home

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Meet our Hospitalist Team

Our hospitalists provide care to patients at ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital and ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

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