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Hospital Preregistration

How to preregister for your hospital stay

If you have a test or procedure scheduled at ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital, ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital or other ProHealth Care facility, please fill out the following form in its entirety. Please note that you are required to fill in fields marked with an asterisk (*). This form will not submit if one of these required fields is left blank. If the question for a required field does not apply to your situation, please enter "NA" or "Not Applicable." Please fill in as many fields as possible — the more questions you answer, the better we are able to serve you.

If you have questions about the online preregistration process or prefer to register by phone, please call:

  • 262-928-4045 – ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital
  • 262-569-0257 – ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital

If you are preregistering for WMH or OMH lab services, you will need to stop in REGISTRATION to check in for the lab.

Please note: Online pre-registrations are checked Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please allow at least one full business day before your appointment for your pre-registration form to be processed. If there is less than one full business day before your appointment, please preregister by calling 262-928-4045 for ProHealth Waukesha Memorial or 262-569-0257 for ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital.

Preregister online for your test or procedure

(ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital)
(Oconomowoc Physician Center)

(ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital)
(ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital/D. N. Greenwald Center, Mukwonago)
(ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital/Ambulatory Surgery Center)