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Offering Physicians a Satisfying Work Environment

ProHealth Medical Group values satisfied physicians, staff and patients. Our turn-over rate for physicians and staff is much lower than industry standards. We have a high physician and staff retention rate.

Physician satisfaction

Physicians who are employed by ProHealth Medical Group are surveyed annually by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA). Overall, our physicians highly rated their satisfaction in the following categories: 

  • Leadership and communication
  • Quality of care
  • Time spent working
  • Patient interaction
  • Administrators
  • Compensation
  • Relationship with staff
  • Resources available
  • Acceptance by colleagues
  • Paperwork
  • Computers

Patient satisfaction

ProHealth Medical Group partners with Press Ganey and Associates, a leader in health care satisfaction surveying. Patients are randomly surveyed, and their satisfaction is compared with other health care systems/organizations like ours. We are proud to report that we rank near the 90th percentile for overall patient satisfaction.