One Woman's Personal Story

“My marriage has been transformed”

There’s no issue more personal than sexual health, which is why many woman are afraid to seek assistance. In fact, many don’t even realize there are experts who focus solely on helping women find solutions to a variety of sexual challenges.

One local woman found a way to enhance her sense of self and strengthen her marriage by reaching out to the experts at ProHealth Care for help. 

“I had been struggling with lack of desire for sexual intimacy for several years, and I realized that taking tamoxifen for cancer treatment would only increase my problems,” says Sally, a Waukesha County resident. “My marriage was struggling, and I was depressed thinking that my life would be stuck like this.  But after reading ProHealth Care’s brochure on this program, I felt a glimmer of hope for my future.”

Feeling safe and secure from the beginning

Sally’s initial appointment was with sexual health nurses Roxanne Weber, RN, and Deb Ketterhagen, RN.

“At first, I didn't quite know what to expect. I quickly came to realize that these health care professionals really cared about me and could understand exactly what I was going through,” shares Sally. “The nurses made me feel like nothing I said would shock them. It was very easy to open up and share my struggles. They treated me with dignity and warmth, and both were very understanding and comforting.”

Sally says she felt the program presented a safe place where the nurses could help her see her sexual health in a whole new way. After two weeks, Sally noticed a dramatic improvement in her marriage.

“We’ve never been more in love.”

“This program totally changed my life!” says Sally. “It changed my thinking about sexual health and took away my guilt related to it. My marriage has also been transformed. My husband saw how much effort I was putting into the relationship and the humility I displayed by asking professionals for help. It helped give him the courage to go to a professional as well. We have grown together and learned so much,” concludes Sally. “After 29 years, we've never been more in love and able to express it.”