Regaining independence

Losing any level of independence because of injury or health condition can turn minor challenges into major undertakings. Regaining independence often requires help from rehabilitation experts who have the skill and compassion patients need to stay motivated and focused on achieving their greatest potential.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Inpatient Rehab
In addition to providing some inpatient rehabilitation during a brief hospital stay, ProHealth Care provides the only free-standing acute rehabiiltation facility in the state — the Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin. This 40-bed inpatient facility combines a clinically advanced setting with an inspirational, healing environment for patients requiring a more intense therapy program.

Outpatient therapy services

Outpatient Rehabilitation
Outpatient rehabilitation services are available if for those who require a less aggressive therapy program or continued therapy after hospital discharge. Multiple sites are conveniently located throughout Waukesha County to accommodate each patient's rehabilitation program and schedule.

Athletic training

Athletic Training
ProHealth Care's licensed athletic trainers work with other health care providers and coaches to help athletes and active individuals who have had surgery or experienced an injury transition back to practice, competitive play and daily activity.

Return to Work/Work Hardening program

Return to Work
ProHealth Care's Return-to-Work/Work Hardening program focuses on helping employees return to work after surgery or an injury. The program also provides guidance on how to prevent injuries from recurring.