Supporting surgeons with technology as complex as the bones and ligaments in your hands and wrists

Hand and wrist surgeries are delicate and complex. That's why ProHealth Care supports area orthopedic surgeons with the technology they need to perform the most complicated procedures. Following are just some of the surgeries that hand and wrist specialists perform at ProHealth Care hospitals:

Endoscopic surgery

Using small incisions or natural body openings, endoscopic surgery uses scopes to diagnose and treat disease. Another common term for this procedure is minimally invasive surgery (MIS), which emphasizes that diagnosis and treatments can be done with little invasion into the body.

Joint implants

Finger joints, knuckle joints and wrist joints can all be replaced by artificial means with hopes of restoring or maintaining mobility and overall hand function.

Micro-surgical flap procedure

A micro-surgical flap procedure involves moving the skin along with its underlying fat, blood vessels and muscle from a healthy part of the body to the injured area.

Mini-open carpal tunnel surgery

Mini-open carpal tunnel surgery requires only local anesthesia for repair of the carpal tunnel. Patients begin moving their wrists and digits immediately in the recovery room. 

Wrist arthroscopy

Wrist arthroscopy allows the surgeon to diagnose and treat many problems of the wrist through a series of very small incisions (portals). Because the incisions used with wrist arthroscopy are smaller and disrupt less soft tissue than conventional open surgery, pain, swelling and stiffness are minimized and recovery is often faster.