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Stay Connected with CaringBridge

A free online service for ProHealth Care patients

When a health issue impacts you or a member of your family, ProHealth Care understands the importance of keeping all family members and concerned friends updated with the latest information.  ProHealth Care is a sponsor of CaringBridge – a unique, free service to help you stay connected with friends and loved ones during challenging health times.

CaringBridge services

CaringBridge is a free Web site that allows you to create your own personalized web page. This personalized page then serves as a way to update family and friends on current condition or treatments without having to field too many phone calls or questions. You also can post photos if you choose.

In addition to seeing updates, visitors to your Web page can post journal entries with messages of hope and encouragement and view any photos you post.

Why choose CaringBridge?

CaringBridge is the oldest, most widely used online resource to support families when someone is receiving care or facing other health challenges.

  • Eases the communication burden
  • Is private with the creator of the web page controlling who can visit the site
  • Includes "My Story" or why the page was created; a journal with the updates; a guestbook for messages from visitors to the page; photos to share with visitors

How do I use CaringBridge?

To create a CaringBridge Web page

  1. Go to http://www.caringbridge.org/
  2. Click on "Creating a CaringBridge site" and follow the easy directions.   Attention:  when entering personal information, please select ProHealth Care as the care facility.

What if I need help?

Tell friends and family members about your CaringBridge site.

If you have questions on creating your page, feel free to contact CaringBridge through their "Contact us" info on the website or Colette La Francis at ProHealth Care, 262-928-7221.