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Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Addressing your spiritual health

Pastoral care/chaplaincy is available at ProHealth Care hospitals and centers to address your spiritual health as an integrated and important part of quality health care.

Pastoral care and chaplaincy

Pastoral care at ProHealth Care facilities offers you, your family and staff the opportunity to bring spiritual and religious beliefs and practices to the process of treatment and recovery from illness. It also affords you the opportunity to maintain connections to your faith communities.

What does pastoral care offer patients and the community?

Because ProHealth Care serves a religiously and ethnically diverse population, pastoral care offers you the assurance that your religious and spiritual preferences will be honored. It also allows you and your family to bring your spiritual and religious beliefs to the healing process. When you wish, you will be ministered to by hospital chaplains or community-based clergy.

Common reasons to request services

  • When you or your family request spiritual or emotional support
  • When a staff member senses that spiritual or emotional support is needed
  • When a death occurs
  • When a serious diagnosis is delivered
  • At times of grief and loss
  • When you're scheduled for major surgery
  • When making end­-of-life decisions
  • When patients or families request religious resources
  • When a staff member needs support