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Frequently Asked Questions About Transportation Services

(Updated May 15, 2015)

What are the fees for transportation?

Starting June 1, 2015, our fee is $40 for one-way service, or $80 for a round trip. If you require multiple visits to our sites in a month, the maximum you will be charged is $640.

Why is there a flat fee regardless of how far I need to travel?

In order to continue to make transportation services available to ProHealth Care patients, we need to keep the process simple in order to keep administrative costs as low as possible.

How do I pay for transportation?

We will mail monthly invoices to your home.

Can I pay the driver?

ProHealth Care drivers will not collect any form of payment.

If I need to have an escort – a friend, a relative or a caregiver – accompany me to my visit, will there be an additional charge?

An escort may ride along with you at no charge.

Is the cost for transportation tax deductible?

Costs may be deductible on your income tax return. Contact your tax consultant to verify and learn more.

Does insurance, Medicare or Medicaid pay for transportation services?

Costs may be covered by insurance. Contact your insurance company or the Medicare or Medicaid program to verify and learn more. ProHealth Care does not submit transportation charges to insurance companies. If transportation is a covered benefit, you will need to submit your invoices for consideration.

If I cannot afford the cost of transportation, is financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available to individuals who qualify. Call our transportation team at 262-928-7618 to learn more.

Do other local transportation options exist?

Other private or public transportation providers may offer services at a lower cost. Click here to obtain a list of alternative transportation services.

Are there special rates for senior citizens?

We offer a flat rate for all of our passengers.

Will this charge apply to the home infusion program?

If our transportation service delivers medication for your home care nurse, you will not be charged for the delivery.

Does ProHealth Care provide transportation to all local clinics or physician offices?

We provide transportation to or from ProHealth clinics or hospitals for a fee of $40 for one-way service, or $80 for a round trip. Your physician’s office can confirm whether we stop at their location. You can also call 262-928-7618 to determine if service is available.

Can I receive transportation to a non-ProHealth Care physician?

Transportation to health care providers that are not part of ProHealth Care may be available through our prepaid voucher program, depending on scheduled activity. Higher rates apply. Contact our office at 262-928-7618 for more information.

Will there be a charge for transportation if I use the service to get home after a hospital stay?

Yes. We have one flat fee for transportation to appointments at our hospitals or clinics, or for transportation after a hospital discharge.

Is private transportation available?

No. We provide transportation as a service to our patients. It is very costly for us to continue to provide non-emergency medical transportation. Private transportation services would not be affordable.

Can I arrange for the driver to stop at the pharmacy or a grocery store for me?

Service is only available to or from ProHealth clinics or hospitals. Additional personal stops cannot be arranged.

Can I get a ride today?

Travel arrangements must be made at least 48 hours (two working days) before your medical appointment. Advance notice allows us to coordinate schedules to ensure we can accommodate your needs and ensure the pick-up and arrival times of other passengers are not compromised.

Will a driver wait for me or be immediately available following my appointment?

You may need to wait for a driver following your appointment. Trips home are subject to time changes or delays due to weather, traffic, the appointments of other passengers and other factors beyond the control of our transportation services team.

If I have additional questions, where can I learn more about ProHealth Care’s transportation services?

You can call our transportation team at 262-928-7618.