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Patient & Guest Services

Information to assist you

We want to make your experience at ProHealth Care's Hospitals and Clinics a positive one from beginning to end. That means making sure it's easy for you and your family to get all the information you need for your visit.

Billing and insurance information

Browse our billing and insurance section for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact information.

Medication wallet card and safety information

Carrying your medication information with you at all times is a very good idea. If you are ever hurt or become very ill, the list gives emergency medical personnel information that can save your life. It is also important to take a list of your medicines with you when you visit your doctor's office. Download the wallet card and safety tips below.

CaringBridge â€” communicate with family & friends

CaringBridge is a free Web site that allows you to create your own personalized web page.  This personalized page then serves as a way to update family and friends on current condition or treatments without having to field too many phone calls or questions. Learn more about CaringBridge.

General information

Visit the following links for more valuable resources for patients and visitors: