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Beware of risks before you hire

Safeguard against low productivity and expensive work injuries by making sure the person you choose can safely handle the physical requirements of the job. Through ProHealth occupational health services,  a variety of standard and specialty medical examinations and screenings are available. For more information about screenings or exams, make a request online or call 262-928-5900.


Department of Transportation compliance services

All certified medical examiners now must be on the national registry database, and commercial drivers must obtain a medical examination from a certified examiner. All ProHealth occupational health providers have completed the necessary training provided by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in preparation for completing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's certification process. These providers have also registered with the national registry database.

FAA Hazmat exams

Before any hazmat employee performs a function subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations, that person must be provided with initial training in the performance of that function. Hazmat employers are responsible for training. ProHealth occupational health services can provide the testing.


Pre-employment physicals

Through ProHealth occupational health services, standard pre-employment physicals are available to identify any physical limitations your prospective employee may have, and to ensure the prospect is able to safely perform his or her job functions.

Fire district physicals

ProHealth occupational health providers are knowledgeable in all aspects of firefighter exams and the NFPA guidelines. These providers work with your schedule and can accommodate requests outside normal weekday clinic hours, offering testing at your location. The following preliminary services for annual exams are available onsite:

  • TB skin test
  • Blood work
  • PFT
  • Immunizations
  • Vision screen
  • Height/weight/blood pressure
  • Hazmat questionnaire
  • OSHA questionnaire
  • Fit testing
  • Respiratory questionnaire

Complete the process with a physical exam and audiogram at one of our occupational health services clinics. Pre-placement and EMS/EMT physicals are performed in the clinic.

Respiratory exams

Some jobs require the frequent use of respirators, such as firefighters, body shop workers and other workers who may be exposed to various gases or hazardous materials on the job site. These employees need respirator training and, often, certification. Respirator fit testing may also need to be conducted to ensure the specific respirator used by the employee is functional and the employee is trained in its use.

Executive physicals

An executive physical is a comprehensive physical exam customized for the busy executive, and it includes various diagnostic screenings and lifestyle consultations. Our focus is on the preventive side of health and wellness to assist the executive with developing a healthy lifestyle and enhancing productivity. The exam also aims to detect potential health issues when they are most treatable and identify risk factors that respond positively to lifestyle changes.

International travel exams and immunizations

If you are planning a business trip overseas, ProHealth Care provides travel medicine services through specialists in occupational health services. You will receive a personalized care plan, destination-specific preventive advice and required and/or recommended vaccines. You will also receive pre-travel counseling and an assessment of your current health, health risks associated with your trip destination and duration, and education. Request a travel consultation.

Fitness-for-duty exams

A fitness-for-duty exam is a medical examination to determine whether an employee is physically or psychologically able to perform a job. Fitness-for-duty exams are often required when an employee is ready to return to work after taking time off for a serious illness or injury. A fitness-for-duty exam might also be required for an employee whose conduct on the job gives the employer reason to believe he or she is not able to perform the job safely.

Medical surveillance examinations

Medical surveillance refers to the periodic testing of employees exposed to potentially hazardous materials or other risks in the workplace in an attempt to uncover early signs of work-related illness. The Occupational Safety Health Administration often requires surveillance to detect illness caused by materials such as asbestos, lead, formaldehyde, benzene and hazardous waste.



Audiometric testing

If a noise exposure assessment confirms that workers are exposed to excess noise at the work site, the employer must develop and implement a noise management program. The noise management program must include audiometric testing and an annual review of the effectiveness of the noise management program in preventing hearing loss for employees.

Breath alcohol testing

The objective of breath alcohol testing is to determine whether an employee is under the influence while he or she is on the job. Workplace alcohol testing is mandatory for DOT employers and a strongly recommended practice for all businesses to increase safety and reduce workers' compensation claims. 

The DOT requires alcohol testing in the following situations:

  • Post accident (accident defined by the DOT)
  • Reasonable suspicion of alcohol use
  • Return to duty (before and after returning to work, post-alcohol violation)
  • Random — FAA, FMCSA, FTA & FRA

Hair analysis

Hair samples are increasingly being used by the state and private employers to test for the presence of illegal drugs in employees. The advantage of hair analysis is that the process is not invasive and a lower cost alternative to traditional drug testing.

Substance abuse testing

ProHealth occupational health services offers complete substance abuse testing services, including:

  • Drug testing done by SAMSHA-certified laboratories
  • Breath or blood alcohol testing
  • Rapid drug testing (negative results available within two hours)
  • DOT-regulated substance abuse testing
  • Trained breath alcohol technicians and drug test collectors
  • Medical review officer services
  • On-site employee education programs

For more information, call 262-928-5900.

Vision screening

Vision screening may be needed for pre-placement or periodically if the job requires the person to have good vision for production or safety purposes; if there are regulatory requirements for the screening; or if safety standards recommend testing. Vision screening may also be appropriate post-accident in the workplace to determine cause.


Student physicals (self pay)*

The following examinations, tests, screenings and vaccinations are available through occupational health services for students:


 Student physical examination  
 DOT physical examination  
 Chest X-ray  
 Flu shot  
 TB skin test  
 Quantiferon Gold TB test  
 Tetanus-TDAP vaccine  
 MMR vaccine  
 Hepatitis B vaccination (series of 3)  
 Hepatitis B titer  
 Varicella vaccine  
 Varicella titer  
 Rubeola titer  
 Rubella titer  
 Mumps titer  
 Rapid 10 panel drug test  
 DOT drug test  


*Students should bring all documentation of previous immunizations and titers to the appointment. Student exams and testing is available at all of our occupational health services locations. To schedule an appointment, call 262-928-5900.