Workplace Wellness

Take proactive measures to prevent illness and
improve productivity

Keep your workplace productive by keeping your workforce healthy. ProHealth Care offers a variety of services that can be customized to help your employees avoid serious illness, disease and injuries.

Lunch & Learns

ProHealth Care staff members are available to present educational sessions on a variety of topics right at your worksite. Employers who take advantage of our health risk assessment (HRA) package are entitled to four 30-minute Lunch & Learn education sessions on a topic relevant to the findings of their workforce health assessment.

With Lunch & Learns, your employees are invited to have their lunch while they listen to wellness coaches, nurses, dietitians and other care providers present quality, research-based content. These education sessions encourage participants to make positive lifestyle changes. Current topic selections include:

  • Balancing Life

  • Breast Mammograms

  • Cancer Risk: Reducing Your Risks Everyday

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Diabetes Awareness

  • Diabetes Prevention Guide

  • Eat, Drink & Be Healthy

  • Exercise Can Be Done at Work

  • Fitness for Life

  • Free Weights vs. Machine

  • Guide to Healthy LIving

  • Heart Health

  • Heart Disease

  • The Importance of Having a Primary Physician


  • Jump Start Your Health: An Exercise Program
  • Know Your Numbers

  • Maintain, Don't Gain

  • Making Sense of Food Labels

  • Managing Your Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

  • Managing Your Waistline

  • Mediterranean Food Pyramid

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Oh, My Aching Back

  • Osteoporosis

  • Resistance Training

  • Smart Eating Habits

  • Sun Safety

  • Supplements: A Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

  • Simple Stress Reduction

  • Weight Loss

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaches motivate employees to make lasting behavior changes that improve overall health whether they are recovering from an illness or injury, have a chronic health condition, or just want to stay well. These employees are often identified through health risk assessments, on-site screenings or through voluntary participation. 

The coaching involves a collaboration with the employee and his or her interdisciplinary care team to identify personal wellness goals and put in place evidence-based practices that help the employee succeed. 


Medical Services

A proactive approach to keeping employees healthy is establishing a medical professional on-site for consultation and care. ProHealth can arrange for an occupational health nurse, nurse practitioner or board-certified physician to routinely visit your workplace.