Driver Safety

Are you ready to return behind the wheel?

An injury, aging or a medical condition can sideline drivers from being on the road. If you are questioning whether or not you or a loved one should remain or return behind the wheel, ProHealth Care offers a driver screening – an off-road assessment to identify the readiness for on-the-road driving. The screening assesses the following:

Find out whether it’s safe for you or a loved one to continue to drive. Take part in a scientifically developed computer-based DriveABLE test that looks at your:

  • Spatial judgment and decision-making skills
  • Reaction time with cognitive skills
  • Vision - the test includes videos of driving situations that require the ability to read and interpret the video

The results of the test reveal your risk of being involved in a car accident – so you (and your physician) can make informed decisions.

If you would like a driver screening for yourself or a loved one, call to schedule an appointment at 262-928-2445.

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