Driver Safety

Are you ready to return behind the wheel?

An injury, aging or a medical condition can sideline drivers from being on the road. If you are questioning whether or not you or a loved one should remain or return behind the wheel, ProHealth Care offers a driver screening – an off-road assessment to identify the readiness for on-the-road driving. The screening assesses the following:

  • General status – Range of motion, coordination, strength and sensation
  • Vision – Depth perception, acuity, field of vision, color vision, visual neglect
  • Reaction time
  • Sign recognition
  • Road-smart safety/judgment

Results of the evaluation are shared with the driver's physician. The physician will then have the opportunity to discuss the results and recommendations with the driver.

If you would like a driver screening for yourself or a loved one, call to schedule an appointment at 262-928-2445.

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