Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Care

Specialists in concussion and traumatic brain injury

This specialty clinic provides follow-up evaluation and treatment during the acute phase after an emergency room visit or hospitalization due to concussion or more severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

We provide individualized evaluation and treatment in a medical model proven to maximize recovery and reduce disability associated with head injury and Post-Concussive Syndrome.

Why choose us for your care?

Team approach – Under the direction of a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, the team of specialists from the Neuropsychology Service evaluate deficits and recovery after TBI. Other members of the multidisciplinary team include a certified neurological nurse, rehabilitation therapies (physical, occupational and speech therapy) and behavioral medicine to address depression, anxiety and psychological effects of TBI.

Dedicated care coordinator – A program coordinator provides support and education, and helps patients navigate through follow-up care.

Evidence-based approach to treatment – Applied research aimed at identifying factors that enhance clinical outcomes after head injury is a key part of the Concussion and Brain Injury Clinic. For example, ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital has been home to a nationally respected clinical research program studying the effects of concussion.

Access to innovative diagnostics and treatments – Experts in the TBI clinic are among national leaders in brain injury research and direct several applied clinical research trials locally for concussion and TBI patients.

Where can I find out more?

  • ProHealth Care's Outpatient Brain Injury Clinic is leading an educational initiative to help coaches prevent, recognize and manage concussion in their players, as well as educate their athletes and families about sports-related concussions. Because players react to the same injury in different ways, brain injuries need to be treated individually. To arrange for a qualified health care provider to speak to your group, please call 262-928-2351.
  • For more information about the clinic or to refer a patient, call 262-928-8200.

Facts about traumatic brain injury

  • A traumatic or acquired brain injury is a broad term that describes a vast array of injuries that occur to the brain.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common causes of disability and death in adults.
  • The risk of experiencing a TBI is highest among adolescents, young adults, and people older than 75 years of age. In fact, most studies indicate that the highest rates of TBI are found in people 15 to 24 years of age.
  • The top causes of a traumatic brain injury are:
    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Falls
    • Sports and recreation
    • Firearms cause more deaths than any other cause.

Facts about concussion

  • Concussions are one of the most common injuries in many sports, including football, soccer and hockey.
  • A concussion is a brain injury and should be taken seriously.
  • Initial symptoms of a concussion: headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, memory problems and an unawareness of surroundings.
  • Players with a concussion should be kept out of play for 7 days after recovering from all symptoms — not 7 days after the injury occurred.
  • Portions of the sideline assessment tool, referred to as the SCAT2 card were developed by ProHealth Care Neuroscience Center neuropsychologists and adopted by the international sports medicine community.

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