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Interdisciplinary Colorectal Clinic

If you or a loved one have colorectal cancer, you've come to the right place. ProHealth Care offers noted physician experts who practice a unique interdisciplinary model of care for our colorectal cancer patients.

What does this mean? During one visit on one day, you can see an entire team of care specialists without changing locations. You will leave with a treatment plan in hand that's right for you!

Benefits of our unique, comprehensive model of care

ProHealth Care's interdisciplinary Colorectal Clinic is under the medical direction of John G. Touzios, MD, a fellowship-trained colorectal surgeon. You can expect:

  • A quick response from your care team — team members apply all of their expertise to your individual case and may include a surgeon, medical and/or radiation oncologist, genetics counselor, research associates or dietitian, depending on your needs.
  • A team approach to next-step decisions about your diagnosis and care.
  • Best practices concept.
  • Convenience — one day, multiple appointments.
  • Appointments arranged by your nurse care coordinator.
  • Opportunities to learn about clinical research.
  • Insight into newest drugs and most promising treatments.

Arrange for an interdisciplinary visit

To schedule an appointment, please call 262-928-2116.