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Helping you learn how to manage heart disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Patients who undergo heart and vascular procedures at ProHealth are provided the full spectrum of care, including rehabilitation and support to help you re-engage in activities you took part in prior to your heart event as soon and safely as possible.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised exercise and education program designed to help heart disease patients improve their heart health, reduce risk factors, and increase endurance. Our patients' cardiologists receive progress updates throughout the program. Each participant's primary care physician also receives a comprehensive report at the program's conclusion.

Phase I: Cardiac rehabilitation exercise & guidelines

Patients can benefit from cardiac rehab while in the hospital recovering from a heart procedure. Cardiac rehabilitation staff supervise your exercise while measuring the amount of oxygen in your blood, your heart rate and blood pressure. Risk factors and medications are also reviewed. Cardiac rehabilitation staff develop personalized exercise guidelines for each heart patient once they are released from the hospital. Phase I cardiac rehabilitation takes place in the Heart Care Unit of ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

Phase II: Cardiac rehabilitation program & specialists

Phase II cardiac rehabilitation typically starts within one to two weeks of a cardiac event. Patients exercise for four to12 weeks (determined by needs and goals), monitored by cardiac rehabilitation nurses, physicians and exercise specialists. While exercising, patients wear a telemetry monitor, which allows cardiac rehabilitation specialists to monitor their heart rhythms.

At each visit, you receive risk factor counseling and education about making lifestyle changes. A dietitian is available to help support your individual needs. Phase II is available at ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital and at the Oconomowoc Physician Center.

Phase III & IV: Cardiac rehabilitation maintenance / EXCEL

While continuing to have their blood pressure, pulse and weight tracked, EXCEL (EXercise, Counseling and Education for Lifetime) members continue to benefit from education and the support of clinical staff, without telemetry. EXCEL is available at ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital and at the Oconomowoc Physician Center.

Ready to get started?

A physician's prescription is required in order to start our cardiac rehabilitation program. Talk to your doctor if you're interested or have more questions.

Heart failure management program

Patients who participate in our Heart Failure Management Clinic have a less than 2% chance for readmission to the hospital within 30 days after being discharged with the diagnosis of heart failure. This compares to the nation-wide average of 25%.The ProHealth Care heart failure treatment guidelines help patients and their family gain the tools necessary to manage heart failure to live life to the fullest. Our comprehensive heart failure treatment services help patients:

  • Learn all about heart failure guidelines and how to take care of oneself

  • Get the best results from the medicines

  • Learn the best ways to take care of one's self spiritually, mentally, socially and economically

  • Track weight and symptoms

  • Reduce salt in the diet

  • Quit smoking, if necessary

  • Cut down on the use of alcohol, if necessary

  • Get advice about the activities and exercise that can be done

  • Answer any questions

  • Feel supported

  • Get enough sleep

  • Enjoy life

Why choose our heart failure treatment program? ProHealth Care is nationally recognized for the quality of its heart failure treatment. Our patients have many health care specialists working with them providing expert heart failure guidelines, including the patient's primary care doctor, a cardiologist, certified heart failure treatment nurses and registered dietitians.


To join the heart failure management program, contact your family doctor or cardiologist and ask for a referral or contact one of our Southeast Wisconsin locations directly.

  • Waukesha's Heart Failure Management Program 262-928-6730
  • Oconomowoc's Heart Failure Management Program 262-928-8880

Mended Hearts

Mended Hearts is a national and community-based non-profit organization that offers the gift of hope to heart disease patients, their families and caregivers. The organization's support groups help people understand that there can be a rich, rewarding life after heart disease diagnosis. Members listen, share their experiences and talk to other heart patients about what they may face including lifestyle changes, depression, recovery, and treatment. For dates, times and locations of upcoming meetings, visit


West Wood Health and Fitness Center

ProHealth Care's West Wood Health and Fitness Center offers more than 100 cardiovascular machines, an indoor track, an aquatics center, The Spa, a Kids Club for child care and more. West Wood also offers a beautiful back yard, allowing members to walk or run regardless of weather conditions. Learn more >