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Cardiac Cath Lab — Angioplasty & Stent Placement

Advanced cardiac technology, highly skilled team

Serving Southeast Wisconsin, ProHealth Care's Regional Heart & Vascular Center is a leader in cardiac stent placement. Our investment in the latest technology in the hands of our skilled specialists makes it possible for our patients to enjoy the best outcomes possible.

Why choose our cardiac cath labs?

Experience counts. ProHealth Care's five cardiac cath labs (four at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and one at Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital), together perform more than 6,000 procedures each year. The same quality clinical team supports both the Oconomowoc and Waukesha cardiac cath labs.

ProHealth Care's sophisticated, all-digital cardiovascular cath lab equipment decreases radiation exposure for patients and allows our physicians to see precise high-resolution details during the procedure.

Our comprehensive cardiology cath lab units are designed for your comfort and convenience. As a patient, you're admitted, have lab work, go through pre-procedure preparation, recover and are discharged from one single location in the greater metro Milwaukee area.

Angioplasty & cardiac stent placement

Cardiac stents are generally used with or following an angioplasty procedure that inflates a tiny balloon inside a blocked artery to unclog the blockage and facilitate normal blood flow. After an angioplasty, a cardiac stent is sometimes placed in the vessel to ensure that it does not reclose.

Drug-coated stents

When drug-coated stents were introduced in April of 2003, Waukesha and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospitals were among the first small group of hospitals nationally to offer the revolutionary new device for treating blocked arteries. Drug-coated stents dramatically decrease the chances of a blockage reoccurring, making patients less likely to need repeat procedures or heart surgery.

For more information

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