Palliative Care

Practicing the art of pain and symptom relief

There may be a time in your life when you experience a serious illness, and treatment alone isn’t enough. You may need a team of caregivers who completely understand your condition and can work to ease your pain and symptoms, address your emotional and spiritual needs, and coordinate your care. At ProHealth Care, we offer you this type of care — it’s called palliative care.

Let our palliative care team step in

ProHealth Care’s palliative care team will work with your physician, going beyond treatment to give you pain relief, guidance and support while you’re in the hospital setting. The team will also help coordinate care beyond our setting. Our team will improve your quality of life during this overwhelming and often frightening time.

Should you seek palliative care?

You may benefit from palliative services at any age if you’re suffering from:

  • Cancer
  • Serious brain conditions, such as stroke, dementia, ALS and others
  • Advanced heart, lung, liver, kidney or vascular disease
  • AIDS
  • Life-threatening accidents
  • Other serious or life-limiting illness

Providing multiple layers of support

Palliative care includes a team of specialists who collaborate with you, your family and your referring physician to tailor treatment plans. The team includes:

  • Palliative medicine fellowship-trained physician
  • Advanced-practice nurse
  • Master’s-prepared social worker
  • Spiritual care counselor
  • Physical therapists
  • Psychologist

Supporting the whole you

ProHealth Care’s palliative care team focuses on you as a whole person, providing physical, emotional and spiritual support including:

  • Symptom management – expert attention to and relief from distressing physical symptoms like pain, breathing difficulties, nausea, fatigue, appetite loss and sleep issues
  • Information sharing – helping you understand what to expect from the illness itself, available treatment options and the effect of those options on the course of your disease
  • Effective communication – carefully listening to your goals, values and wishes and communicating those wishes to all involved in your care
  • Caring support – helping you make important preparations now for peace of mind later

Contact us

Talk with your health care provider to see whether you may benefit from palliative care, call 262-928-4898. Most insurance companies cover these services.