Urgent care providers offer timely care when your doctor is not available. They treat minor illnesses and injuries so you can feel better – sooner.

When something comes up, just come in. No appointment needed.

Our urgent care providers diagnose, treat and manage medical conditions that require timely care, but are not serious enough to warrant an emergency department visit. We're available during the day, evenings, weekends and most holidays. You don't need an appointment, and you don't have to be a ProHealth Care patient to use our services.

Urgent Care hours

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

About our wait times

We update our wait times frequently during the day. They are approximate and reflect the duration of time you can expect to spend in our waiting room. We provide care to the most urgent cases first. The listed time period does not include exam time.

Billing Policy

ProHealth Care bills urgent care visits at standard office visit rates/codes and not urgent care rates/codes. Please contact our Patient Accounts/Customer Relations team or contact your insurance company to ensure your visit will be covered under your medical plan.

Typical urgent care conditions

  • Allergies and asthma

  • Bladder infections

  • Broken fingers and toes

  • Bronchitis

  • Cuts,scrapes and lacerations

  • Earaches

  • Eye infections

  • Fevers

  • Flu

  • Mild headaches

  • Moderate back problems

  • Sinus infections

  • Skin rashes and infections

  • Sore throats and persistent coughs

  • Sprains and strains

  • Minor stomach ailments

  • Vaccinations - flu, pneumonia and tetanus-diptheria

  • Vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration

  • Most other minor injuries and illnesses

Once the diagnosis and any pertinent testing is completed, we will formulate and discuss a treatment plan with you before you return home.