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Football Tackle

If you have a child who has experienced an injury or surgery and needs help making a safe return to sports activities, contact the ProHealth Care athletic trainer at your child's school.


Athletic Performance Improvement

ProActive ACL Training

ProActive ACLTraining >

The majority of ACL injuries involve no contact and are caused during a landing, rapid deceleration or change of direction. ProActive ACL Training aims to identify and reduce your risk factors for an ACL injury.

Price: $100 per person for groups of two to five people or $75 per person for groups of six to 10 people


 Functional Performance Training

Functional Performance Training >

If you strive to run faster, jump higher, become more competitive, exceed your personal goals and get in the best shape of your life, Functional Performance Training (FPT) is for you. FPT is an exercise philosophy that improves athletic performance by making body movements more functional and efficient. 

Price: Base Functional Movement Screen starts at $60


ProThrow >

Throwing volume, poor mechanics and underdeveloped arm strength are main contributors to throwing injuries of the shoulder and elbow. ProThrow helps athletes of all ages who play baseball and softball enhance their performance and reduce their risk of injury by learning proper throwing techniques.

Price: $60 for one-hour evaluation/$40 per follow-up session 

 Tee 2 Green Fitness

Tee 2 Green Fitness >

Take your golf game to a new level with help from our licensed athletic trainers who specialize in golf fitness. Tee 2 Green Fitness helps you increase your flexibility, balance, strength and posture with golf-specific exercises.

Price: Packages start at $125