Athletic Training

Preventing and treating injuries associated with activity and enhancing athletic performance

ProHealth Care licensed athletic trainers work with other health care providers and coaches to help athletes and active patients prevent and treat injury and illness, as well as enhance performance associated with activity. Licensed athletic trainers are health care providers who specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses.

You may benefit from the service of our athletic trainers if you are a:

  • Individual who has suffered an injury to your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and/or nerves and are looking to return to an active lifestyle

  • Student athlete seeking to return to your sport as soon as safely possible after injury or surgery

  • Competitive athlete looking to improve performance through more efficient and effective body movement

  • Recreational athlete/weekend warrior looking to improve your game

  • Individual seeking strength or conditioning to perform more competitively in your sport

  • Person seeking fitness after rehabilitation from an injury or surgery

To arrange for athletic training coverage at one of your events, call 414-750-9317.

If you are a student athlete at one of the schools where we provide coverage, please see your school's athletic trainer.

If you have an athletic event and would like ProHealth Care to provide athletic training coverage, call 414-750-9317.

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ProHealth teams with Carroll University

ProHealth will provide sports medicine services to student athletes, faculty, coaches and staff of the university's recreational and organized sports.

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ProHealth provides athletic training services at Waukesha area schools

Football Tackle

If you have a child who has experienced an injury or surgery and needs help making a safe return to sports activities, contact the ProHealth Care athletic trainer at your child's school.