Developing a new, healthy way of living

Our weight management services team believes you need to focus on your inner self: your beliefs, character, strengths, needs and goals. We customize our program to take into account your:

  • Medical profile
  • Health history
  • Food likes and dislikes
  • Time demands
  • Emotional factors
  • Level of motivation
  • Unique challenges

Through individual attention and small groups, we'll help you change habits and develop lifestyle changes for a new healthy weight and way of living.

Our team includes:

  • Board-certified family medicine physician
  • Registered nurses who serve as wellness coaches
  • Behavioral health clinicians to help you understand your relationship with food
  • Dietitians who lead monthly small group sessions
  • Fitness specialists to develop your customized exercise program

The first step toward developing your customized plan includes our team:

  • Conducting a medical workup (labs, EKG, history and physical).
  • Measuring your body composition and metabolic rate.
  • Assessing behavioral health and nutritional needs.
  • Helping you create an individualized fitness program.
  • Reviewing your weight history, strengths, motivation and goals.

Our program has five components:

Medical health

Excess weight delivers a host of health problems, like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and digestive problems. Our team focuses on improving your health, not just weight loss.

Julie Larsen, MD, partners with you to build a plan that considers all factors that influence your health. She works closely with the team to create your custom program and monitor your goals, progress and weight loss. She coordinates care with your primary care physician if you need treatment for medical conditions, such as pre-diabetes or lipid disorders, and prescribes medication should your condition require it.

Behavioral health

Our behavioral health clinician helps you understand your complex relationship with food through semi-monthly small group sessions. The sessions are designed to help you learn the necessary skills to lose weight and stop emotional eating. You will learn how to challenge the thoughts and behaviors that sabotage living a healthy lifestyle.


During monthly small group meetings facilitated by our dietitian, you’ll try food samples and receive recipes to expand your culinary horizons. You’ll learn grocery shopping tips, how to stock a healthy pantry and how to prepare quick and tasty meals. Our weight management services team teaches you how to take a whole-foods approach that balances optimum nutrition with real life practical concerns.

Goals and Coaching

Our wellness coach is a registered nurse who helps you work on small steps that lead to healthy lifestyle changes. In addition, the nurse will work with you to look at all areas of your life, to see if there are things that might be keeping you from making these lifestyle changes.

During your one-on-one sessions with the nurse, you’ll explore your successes and areas of concern. You’ll receive tools to apply to everyday situations, and together, you’ll explore how to implement strategies so that the goals you set are attainable.


Physical activity is an integral part of weight management and is essential for improved health and weight loss. The benefits of activity are well documented and include prevention of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis, as well as improved mental health and increased energy.

We partner with ProHealth West Wood Health & Fitness Center for fitness programming. An exercise specialist will assess your capabilities and any special needs or limitations you may have. The fitness specialist will also develop an exercise plan that takes into account your goals, interests and current activity level.



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