Weight loss is more than looking better, it is about improving your overall health. That's why ProHealth Care offers medically supervised weight management services that take into account your unique medical, behavioral, nutritional and physical needs to customize an approach just for you.

When you use our weight management services, you determine your definition of success. It's important to recognize that success is not only about achieving your long-term goal, but also celebrating milestones as you work to improve your overall health. Maybe it's being able to exercise longer, lowering your cholesterol or conquering new cooking methods. Whatever your achievements, we look forward to celebrating them with you.


Putting the pieces together

Our program is customized according to your medical profile, health history, food likes and dislikes, time demands, emotional factors, motivation and unique challenges. Through individual attention and small groups, we'll help you develop habits and lifestyle changes for a new healthy way of living.

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Achieving lifelong weight management

Keeping weight off is even harder than losing it. So why is it so difficult to maintain a healthy body weight?

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Look better, improve your health

We can help you find a new healthy way of living.

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