Community health needs assessment (CHNA)

ProHealth Care’s commitment to improving the health of Waukesha County begins with understanding the areas of greatest need. See how we conduct and use community health needs assessments to deliver the greatest benefit to our community.

What’s a community health needs assessment?

A community health needs assessment (CHNA) identifies and prioritizes the most significant health needs of our community. It describes resources that may be able to address them.

Community health needs assessments are conducted every three years.

Our CNHA process

The ProHealth Board of Directors’ Community Benefit Committee guides and monitors our CHNAs. To develop each CHNA, we:

  • Collect data on the health and well-being of our community.
  • Interview leaders of nonprofit health and social service agencies, government officials and other community leaders.
  • Ask community members for feedback.
  • Analyze data, interviews and feedback to identify health barriers and issues.
  • Create an action plan to target programs and resources where they’re most needed and can be most effective.

Community health survey

In 2017, Milwaukee Health Care Partnership interviewed 400 Waukesha County adults to learn more about their health, risk factors and habits. View their findings:

CHNA reports

View our most recent CHNA reports:

Previous CHNA reports

Read previous CHNA reports:

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