Arthy Baskaran, MD

Family medicine
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Arthy Baskaran

About me

Philosophy of care

"I chose family medicine because it gives me the ability to interact with everyone in the family and care for families from one generation to the next. I want patients to feel that they can confide in me during any stage of their lives. My goal is to attend to the medical and preventive health needs of families, leading to healthier individuals and communities."



Hobbies and Personal Interests

Dr. Baskaran enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, traveling, baking and outdoor activities.

My location

Medical education


Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, India


Mercy Medical Center North Iowa, Mason City, IA


Board Certifications

Family Medicine

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February 16, 2021
My first time seeing Dr Baskaran. I thought she was very nice. I would consider seeing her again
February 15, 2021
excellent all around
February 9, 2021
very impressed with Dr. Baskaran. She is very respectful, listens well and provides feedback as if we are a team managing my wellbeing.
February 2, 2021
I had a virtual/telemedicine appointment so I only talked to a receptionist/clerk for scheduling.
February 2, 2021
new patients. some med recs transferred some not. filled out check-in questions 8n mychrt (per prhealth email) prior to visit. those apparently not accessible.
January 25, 2021
I was pleased with visit. dr baskahran answered all questions and was helpful and understanding.
January 25, 2021
my office visits always go very well. my provider seems to really listen and treat accordingly. The only reason why I answered no to discuss in medications in the last 3 months is because I did not have to talk to anybody about them no new changes occurred.
January 21, 2021
Wait time was minimal, everyone was very professional, respectful, and friendly. My experience with ProHealth has been very positive.
January 19, 2021
the older lady that checked me in was very rude. almost walked out. im a nurse and she was very cold and rude about my fiancee not being able to be there. when i questioned it, she copped an attitude and treated us poorly. the rest of the visit was good
January 19, 2021
Dr. Baskaran helped me piece together a plan to address a new health complaint I'm suffering. She listened to my symptoms and allowed me to choose between two courses of action. I felt empowered by the conversation and left the office feeling good about my care.
January 18, 2021
Everything done virtual and I appreciate that.
January 12, 2021
this was my first visit with my primary care physician. she was helpful and courteous and answered all my questions concerns
January 7, 2021
front desk staff kind and courteous and helpful. nurses are great. dr baskaran is kind and compassionate and listens. I am thankful to have found her!
January 4, 2021
Your Sussex facility is exceptional! You should be proud of the entire team!
December 29, 2020
Dr. Baskaran is an excellent doctor for my needs.
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