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Brian Lee

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Philosophy of care

“When interacting with patients, I strive to put them at the center of my approach to their care. Open communication, empathy, attentiveness and professionalism combined with the most current evidence-based medicine are my guiding principles when treating patients.”




English and Korean

Hobbies and Personal Interests

Dr. Lee enjoys traveling, golfing and playing soccer.

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Medical education


Rutgers Medical School, Piscataway, NJ


Brown University Program in Medicine, Providence, RI Rutgers Medical School, Piscataway, NJ


Board Certifications



January 6, 2021
Everything prior to the physician entering the room was done in a timely manner, however I did have to wait for quite a bit of time for him to come into the room to see me. This isn't the only time that has happened. I'm always called into the exam room on time, and the nurse is always on time, just the doctor is usually late in coming in to do his portion of the visit. I was the first visit of the day this last time that I came in, and I still had to wait over 15 minutes between the nurse telling me he'd be right in and him actually coming in. I do want to mention that he is a great doctor so he is worth the wait, it just gets a little frustrating if I've got some other appointment to be somewhere afterwards. It's hard to make plans around the visits to see him. I think the scheduling needs a bit of work so tghat this doesn't keep happening. Very pleased with the service I get from all the staff at that office though!
December 23, 2020
I am not having my daughter go back to see him. I would rather have her go where she is respected.
December 23, 2020
Dr. Lee is a very good Dr. He knows his field very well.
December 22, 2020
Excellent care during visit. Provided acceptable treatment plan for my problems going forward. Dr. Lee and his nurse communicated very well and were very professional and personable.
December 17, 2020
Everyone in Dr. Lee's office is very kind and professional. Dr. lee is always prompt, very cordial and respectful.No wait time. Dr. Lee and staff listen intently and always have answers or suggestions.
December 14, 2020
During this pre-scheduled 6 month cancer-screening check-up, Dr. Lee determined that I might have another basil cell carcinoma, examined it, and performed a biopsy. In the process, he was very thoughtful about his explanation of the potential outcomes, and was clear and concise in his projections, but with obvious concern for being re-assuring about the expected success of the surgical procedure that we, together, determined was the best course of treatment. Dr. Lee personally contacted me with the results of the biopsy, and again, was very gently professional in sharing this information. Much appreciated.
December 14, 2020
Dr. Lee is very competent and thorough.
December 11, 2020
once in the examine room, the doctor did not come in for 35 minutes.
December 9, 2020
I felt the examine was very brief. He did not ask any questions, I had to point out places for him to examine.
December 8, 2020
skin cancer check/up, all went well
December 8, 2020
Great service and explains things very well...would highly recommend!
December 3, 2020
Dr Lee was very personable & took time to listen
December 2, 2020
Dr. Lee and his assistants were very kind! I appreciated not feeling rushed and having the opportunity to ask about any questions or concerns I had.
November 25, 2020
This visit was for a full body scan by the dermatologist Dr. Lee. All went well and I am very satisfied.
November 24, 2020
I am very pleased with the overall care I get from ProHealth.
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