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Robert Schellinger

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Philosophy of care

“I believe in an integrated and holistic approach to patient care and develop treatment plans that include lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, spirituality, social settings and family to greatly influence health. Managing one’s health is a partnership between patient and physician, and my goal is to treat each patient as if they’re part of my extended family.”



Hobbies and Personal Interests

Dr. Schellinger, his wife and daughter live on a 15-acre farm that focuses on a self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle. He enjoys writing poetry and composing music.

My location

Medical education


Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI


Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals, Milwaukee, WI


Board Certifications

Family Medicine


April 22, 2022
I don't think there is a better doctor than Dr. Schellinger.
April 19, 2022
Good experience have had Dr a long time
April 19, 2022
Very good service.
April 19, 2022
Dr Schellinger is the best primary care physician! His compassion, patience, listening skills, and knowledge are top notch. I am very fortunate to have such an incredible doctor.
April 13, 2022
Dr. Robert Schellinger is a top rate Doctor. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he knows my medical history perfectly and has a great personality or bed side manner. Love the fact that he teaches students at the clinic. The lab staff was also very polite. Nice to see that the clinic is getting a face lift.
April 12, 2022
Dr. Schellinger is an excellent physician! He considers the body, mind and spirit/personality of a person in his communication with him/her and in his final diagnosis. He Is a great encourager as well. He loves the field of medicine and seeks to provide for its future and maintain Its integrity by his work with the students in the Physicians Assistant program at Carroll University. (The physicians assistant that I had at this visit was very professional and extremely knowledgeable; A+ He would make a fantastic full-fledged doctor.)
April 11, 2022
I hate the self check in. Went through that while process and then had to wait to check in at the desk anyway. Unless.
April 6, 2022
Dr. Schellinger always makes the time to be sure that he not only listens but explains his responses, repeating if necessary, so that I understand at a reasonably detailed level
April 6, 2022
It's very hard to get into Dr. Schellinger's appointments. He really needs more availability. I call at 7am and almost never get to see my primary. It's very frustrating.
March 30, 2022
Dr. Schellinger is a caring professional who is patient, understanding, and knowledgeable.
March 30, 2022
Dr. "Bob" Schellinger continues to provide excellent care and solutions to my health challenges. I experienced a (first time) unique pain, and he quickly addressed the situation and the steps to resolve. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. What a wonderful physician!
March 22, 2022
Dr Schellinger always listens to my needs and answers my questions before I leave.
March 22, 2022
I was shown all the respect for my concerns and questions regarding my visit.
March 21, 2022
Dr. Schellinger provides the best care as a GP that I could imagine having!
March 15, 2022
I have always felt welcome and respected as a patient with my needs and questions always answered appropriately. I always feel comfortable in the nice quite atmosphere. My provider always takes time for me, answers all my questions and concerns. I never feel rushed. After discussions with my Provider I always feel better leaving than coming in. My provider has always been right on with my diagnosis. He always takes time to explain things to me with my diagnosis and often gives me an explanation. I am 100% satisfied.
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