Jennifer Vitek Semrad, APNP

Family medicine
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Jennifer Vitek-Semrad

About me

Philosophy of care

"I believe that working in partnership with patients allows me to deliver the most effective care. Getting to know each patient helps to determine what treatment options will work best for them."



Hobbies and Personal Interests

Jennifer enjoys reading and hiking.

My location

Medical education


MSN - Duke University School of Nursing, Durham, NC

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March 18, 2022
I speak highly of Pro-Health to everyone. The staff is extremely professional and caring.
March 18, 2022
This was a follow-up visit and I was very happy with the care I received.
February 17, 2022
Received excellent care by all staff
February 10, 2022
Excellent experience
February 9, 2022
Dr.was very helpful and professional.
January 27, 2022
I am so glad a I found a provider that I really like and feel comfortable with. I totally trust her expertise in all the areas that we discussed.
January 26, 2022
I do not like that all of my past Providers leave shortly after I meet them. (Not my specialist's) It is not pleasant to find a different provider.
January 5, 2022
Doing a good job in general.
January 5, 2022
I had a terrible cough. I was not given a prescription for anything but albuterol. I felt like I needed cough meds and antibody.
December 30, 2021
My Dr. Was very understanding, she was very kind and listening to all my problems. Was very kind and made me feel at ease.
December 15, 2021
Jennifer was delightful. I will definitely see her again.Thanks
December 10, 2021
I'm very satisfied with my health care provider
December 3, 2021
The providers at ProHealth Care have been good over the past 20+ years. However, the administration/policies are a problem. If you are healthy and do not see a provider for 3 yrs., you are no longer a patient of that provider. If your provider leaves, for whatever reason, you are a new patient in the system. I have 5 different providers, for general check ups, in the past 5 years. Each time I'm considered a "new" patient, even though I go to the same clinic. New patients are charged more per visit and also must wait to schedule an appointment as such. Someone, who has been coming to your medical group for over 20 years should not have to be bounced around, expected to wait, and be billed more.
November 3, 2021
I had eye surgery and needed a physical. I neglected to do it in a timely manner. They got me in the day before surgery and faxed all information to my doctor. They were all fantastic.
October 28, 2021
Love, love, Jennifer. Used to go to Moreland Family but did not like the doctor - not happy with her response to my problem - switched to Mukwonego & found Jennifer. So happy with her - wish I was younger so she would be my health care provider for a longer time.
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