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Gregory Zimmerman

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Philosophy of care

"Prevention is my number one goal in medicine. Having a secondary degree in public health, I strongly encourage appropriate screenings and vaccination. My primary goal is to emphasize a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, sleep and personal accountability. This is a necessary component for long term gains in mental and physical health even with the use of medication. By serving as a role model and coach for my patients, I hope to encourage them to push through their own perceived limitations."



Hobbies and Personal Interests

Dr. Zimmerman is married and has two children. He maintains a high level of activity with running, hiking, cycling, yoga and lifting. He focuses on healthy nutrition, incorporating a high proportion of plant based food, and cooking meals from scratch. He travels frequently to new places to broaden his understanding of the world.

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Medical education


University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN


Washington Hospital, Washington, PA


Board Certifications

Family Medicine

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July 12, 2021
We felt a little rushed.
July 9, 2021
All good
July 5, 2021
Excellence experience. I have full confidence in Dr Zimmerman.
June 28, 2021
I liked the doctor
June 28, 2021
Dr. Gregory Zimmerman could have communicated with me what he was observing while he checked my heart, ears, throat, sinuses. He essentially carried out the entire exam in silence. I would appreciate at least a word or two. Something like "looks good", "looks inflamed" would suffice.
June 8, 2021
Doctor Zimmerman was wonderful. He listened to me and never commented negatively on what I was saying. He respected what my thoughts were. My bp has been very elevated and he was reassuring that it could be remedied. The elevated bp is very scary for me.
June 8, 2021
Feel like I'm now on the path to figuring out what been going on with my health.
June 1, 2021
I answer never because I get my results through MyChart. My provider sent me a follow up email. This is acceptable for me. Dr. Zimmerman is very thorough and I trust his judgment.
June 1, 2021
I'm very happy with the quality of care that I receive from my ProHealth Care Clinic and I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Zimmerman. Finally found a good doctor.
June 1, 2021
All good great - The best - !!!
May 25, 2021
All of my experiences have been good. I recommended Dr. Zimmerman to my brother-in-law.
May 24, 2021
Dr. Zimmerman is one the best doctors I have had for almost 2 years. Nice, respectful and funny. He makes feel comfortable with the Medical field. Now a days it's easy picking the right Doctor but, he has been great
May 11, 2021
Love the front office staff. Dr. Zimmerman has been my doctor for the last four years after my former doctor retired. Dr. Zimmerman always reads my chart over at the start of our appointment. Always takes time to answer all questions thoughtfully. Good personality. I think we're a good fit.
April 23, 2021
I am a long time supporter of ProHealth Care. I know that every time I call my doctors office, I always feel reassured that everything is going to be addressed and ok. What I most appreciate about seeing Dr Zimmerman, is his focus and attention to my concerns. He is very caring and understanding. I know I am in very good hands and that's the most reassuring feeling ever.
April 13, 2021
This was my first visit to ProHealth and I was completely impressed and satisfied with the care that I was given.
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