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Functional Performance Training

Functional Performance Training is an exercise philosophy that improves athletic performance by making body movements more functional and efficient. It begins with a Functional Movement Screen, a grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. The score generated is used to develop a personalized program of corrective exercises to help you overcome body movement deficiencies.

Fees for the Functional Movement Screen and follow-up sessions are:

Base - $60

One-hour Functional Movement Screen

Level 1 - $150

Three corrective exercise sessions

Level 2 - $275

Six corrective exercise sessions

Level 3 - $400

10 corrective exercise sessions

Request a Consultation

If you are interested in consulting about Functional Performance Training with a ProHealth Care athletic trainer, please complete and submit the form below. Within one to two business days, an athletic trainer will contact you to answer your questions and/or schedule your training.



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