Published on March 22, 2021

A female APP talking with a young male patient.

Advanced practice providers are active patient care partners

It’s important to have a primary care provider to manage your regular checkups, routine ailments and complex medical conditions. Today, a growing number of patients are selecting advanced practice providers to help maintain their health.

You’ll find nurse practitioners and physician assistants at ProHealth Medical Group clinics throughout Waukesha County. These health care providers have advanced degrees – a master’s degree or higher – and focus their work in various medical specialties.

Like doctors, advanced practice providers are dedicated to working with patients to achieve the best outcomes. When a medical clinic includes these providers, there are more professionals available to see patients, answer their questions and provide recommendations and treatments.

Care provided by advanced practice providers combines clinical expertise and evidence-based treatment, with an emphasis on disease prevention and wellness. The goal is to help patients achieve optimal health through routine screenings, education about disease prevention and management, and practical discussions that focus on healthy lifestyle choices.

"Advanced practice providers deliver quality care similar to their physician colleagues," said Jennifer Vitek Semrad, a nurse practitioner with ProHealth Medical Group. "We use the same evidence-based guidelines to provide the same standard of care."

When you choose an advanced practice provider for your care you will benefit from a holistic approach that includes a full-range of services:

  • Check-ups, examinations and immunizations.
  • Ordering and interpreting of diagnostic tests.
  • Prescribing medications and help with medication management.
  • Referrals to specialists and coordination of care.
  • Follow-up care, as needed.

They spend time listening to your concerns and fully explain the details of treatment plans, so you will understand how to follow health care recommendations and provide self-care. They serve as your health care advocate and connect you to everything you need to lead an active, healthy life.

"As advanced practice providers, we offer continuity of care so patients can get treatment when they need it," Vitek Semrad said. "We keep our patients’ interests and priorities in mind and collaborate with other providers to treat the whole person."

Advanced practice providers offer a high-quality option for care and bring a comprehensive perspective to health care management. Rest assured that your health is in good hands with an advanced practice provider.