Published on October 18, 2020

Doctor talking to boy and his mom.

If you need care, don’t wait

Our daily lives have changed in many ways. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of seeking medical care when it is needed.

Procrastination or avoidance are not options when it comes to your health. When preventive screenings or urgent health care services are delayed, the result may be long-term consequences that can affect your quality of life.

Health conditions can become serious and even life-threatening over time — even in the short term. Seeing your provider, getting a test and filling a prescription are easy to do. In comparison, a health emergency or surgery resulting from unattended medical issues can be stressful and costly.

Immunizations, lab tests, screenings and time-sensitive procedures can safely be taken care of during the COVID-19 pandemic. Heart and lung conditions, concussions, fractures, cancer and other issues require early diagnosis and intervention. If you seek care when symptoms or an accident first occur, a greater number of treatment options may be available, and you can potentially avoid unnecessary pain and complications. Your provider can help you and your family seek safe care when it is needed.

Even safer care

When you need to visit a ProHealth location, we’ve taken extra steps to ensure your safety. We screen everyone for illness at the entrances of our buildings and require everyone age 2 and older to wear a face covering. We’ve added glass barriers at our registration desks, and arranged waiting areas to allow for social distancing.

We also thoroughly disinfect exam rooms after every patient visit and are cleaning high-touch areas frequently.

Whether you need an exam, follow-up appointment, urgent care or an emergency visit, we’ve made care even safer. We are committed to protecting our patients and our own employees.

It’s now common for patients to be screened and tested for COVID-19 before surgery and during hospitalization. Our hospitals have also adjusted patient visitation guidelines to further ensure safety.

Together, we can prevent the spread of infectious disease. Wear a mask in public, maintain social distancing and wash your hands frequently.

Call your doctor if you have questions about your health or the health of a family member. Many are offering virtual video visits when appropriate. If you have questions about the coronavirus, call ProHealth Care’s 24/7 COVID-19 Hotline at 262-928-4499, or your provider’s office.

COVID-19 testing is available by appointment when symptoms are present and it is ordered by a provider.