Published on January 25, 2021

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MyChart offers even faster access to your medical information

A change is coming to ProHealth Care MyChart, the online portal used by patients to access their electronic medical records anytime, anywhere.

Beginning Feb. 7, patients with ProHealth Care MyChart accounts, and anyone having proxy access to the accounts, will be able to view test results and notes from ProHealth providers and staff as soon as they are finalized.

This change is not unique to ProHealth. It is the result of the federal government’s 21st Century Cures Act. The legislation ensures you have instant access to more of your health care information and makes it easier to access your medical records online using tools like MyChart.

"Faster access to more information allows you to take an active role in monitoring and managing your health," said Art Coffey, MD, chief physician operations officer at ProHealth Care. "This can lead to a stronger relationship with your providers while allowing you to make informed health care decisions."

While MyChart users are used to getting test results online, this change means that providers and patients will have access to test results and visit notes at the same time. Because of the change, you may see some results before your provider does, and your care team may not be immediately available to address your questions.

It can be concerning to receive test results without being able to immediately discuss them with your care team. If abnormal test results have been posted to MyChart, your care team will typically connect with you within two business days. This allows your provider time to review the results along with other information in your medical record before contacting you to discuss additional testing, consultations or treatment plans.

When your provider adds a note to a test result or any updates are made, you will receive a notification. If you have questions after reviewing the additional information, you can use MyChart to send a message to your provider, or you can call your provider’s office.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you schedule tests a few days before an annual exam or routine appointment. This will help ensure that your provider can review the results before your visit and allows you to discuss any concerns or next steps in person.

In addition to offering faster access to your health information, MyChart and its matching app have been redesigned. The portal has a fresh new look and offers updated search functionality and navigation to make it easier to find the information you need. Other recent enhancements allow you to search for a new provider and schedule appointments within select specialties, participate in virtual (video) urgent care visits and get cost estimates for common medical services – all from within MyChart.