Published on February 03, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine.

ProHealth offering COVID-19 vaccinations

To help protect our patients and our community from COVID-19, ProHealth Care is now vaccinating patients 65 and older.

ProHealth receives a weekly allotment of COVID-19 vaccine from the state. The amount of vaccine we receive determines the number of patients we can invite to schedule vaccination appointments.

Two doses of vaccine are required. As vaccine becomes available, we are inviting patients to schedule both of their vaccination appointments, with priority given to those with increased risk factors. Patients will be contacted by text, email or phone and will receive instructions on how to schedule appointments. Notifications also will be sent by MyChart, ProHealth’s online portal, if accounts have been set up and notifications are turned on.

Patients will be able to schedule their vaccination appointments in MyChart or by calling a dedicated phone line. If you would like to be able to schedule your vaccination online but do not yet have a ProHealth MyChart account, we encourage you to create one now.

In an effort to create a highly efficient process, ProHealth Care has established a central vaccination site where we intend to vaccinate hundreds of patients a day. Vaccinations are not being offered in our physician offices at this time.

Our vaccination process will move as quickly as possible. We expect the demand for vaccinations to far exceed the supplies of vaccines for some time to come. It likely will take several months for us to vaccinate all of our patients 65 and older.

All vaccinations are by appointment only. No walk-ins will be accepted, and we are not maintaining a waiting list for people who are interested in being vaccinated.

The amount of vaccine we receive varies week by week, so our physicians and other professionals are unable to tell you when vaccine will be available or when to expect your invitation to get vaccinated. We are scheduling appointments based on the amount of vaccine we have in hand so that we can guarantee we will have a dose available for you when you visit.

If you have an opportunity to receive the vaccine elsewhere, perhaps from a pharmacy or local retailer, we encourage you to do so. Getting vaccinated is important. Where it occurs is not.

Vaccinations will be available for all who wish to be protected from the virus. It simply will take time to make this happen. ProHealth Care will continue to follow federal and state guidelines with regard to vaccination priorities.