Published on October 22, 2021

MyChart on mobile.

Two-step verification protects your MyChart account

You may already know about two-step verification as it is used in many situations to protect your digital information online. Digital providers that store your username, password and personal information commonly use two-step verification to authorize use of your online accounts and keep your identity and data secure.

At ProHealth Care, information technology and security professionals work to ensure that your personal and health care information stay secure 24/7. The team takes precautionary measures every day to protect your information and electronic medical record.

You have the ability to use two-step verification for an extra layer of security when signing in to your ProHealth MyChart account.

The first verification involves typing in your user name and password. The second verification occurs when a unique, one-time-use code is sent to a digital location only you have access to, such as a text or email account.

Two-step verification can help stop hackers who might be able to guess passwords. When you use a second form of authentication — a one-time-use verification code — a hacker will have difficulty accessing your account.

To turn on two-step verification:

  • Log into MyChart.
  • Select Menu, then choose Security Settings.
  • Select “Turn on two-step verification.”
  • Follow the prompts to verify your identify.
  • Within seconds, MyChart will generate a verification code and send it to your email address on file.
  • Enter the code in your MyChart account. Select “verify.”
  • You are now safely logged into MyChart.

Additional ways to keep your MyChart account secure include:

  • Using a strong password and updating it often.
  • Never sharing or showing your password in email, text or phone conversations, or on social media, notes or Post-its. ProHealth will never ask you for your password.

ProHealth’s information technology professionals recommend that you turn on MyChart two-step verification and take the additional step to protect your account. It will help ensure that only you and authorized medical professionals have access to your information.