Teenage girls playing lacrosse.

School athletic training

Partner with the ProHealth Care to keep your student athletes doing what they love – playing their sport. See why many Waukesha County area high schools and universities choose us for school athletic training services.

What do school athletic trainers do?

Rely on your licensed athletic trainer to:

  • Help student athletes prevent injuries.
  • Help student athletes improve functional movement.
  • Assess and treat injuries.
  • Provide first aid during practices and games.

Coordinated care

If your student athlete is injured, depend on us for coordinated care. Your school athletic trainer is backed by the full resources of ProHealth. Depend on your trainer to work closely with orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and other specialists to help your athlete come back stronger and healthier.

Qualified athletic trainers

Feel confident that your athletic trainer has the knowledge and hands-on training to provide high-quality care. Our team includes licensed athletic trainers (LATs) and certified strength and conditioning specialists (CSCS). CSCSs are professionals with expertise in training athletes to improve their performance.

Find your trainer

Find contact information for athletic trainers at the southeastern Wisconsin schools we partner with:

Arrowhead High School, Hartland

Chyla Bechtel, LAT, CSCS


Rhianna Roskopf, LAT


Dr. Matthew Bong, Dr. Steven Merkow

Carroll University, Waukesha

Megan Bateman, MS, LAT


Leah Jankowski, MEd, LAT


Dr. Samuel Steiner

Catholic Memorial High School, Waukesha

Marcus Thoma, LAT


Dr. Samuel Steiner, Dr. Hongsheng Zhu

Kettle Moraine High School, Wales

Dominic Cappozzo, ATC, MS


Michael Deal, LAT, ATC


Dr. Daniel Holub

Mukwonago High School

Jason Abels, LAT, CSCS


Nicole Arnold, LAT


Dr. Thomas Viehe

Oconomowoc High School

Jason Anderson, LAT, CSCS


Dr. Scott Schneider, Dr. Samuel Steiner

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

Athletic trainers rotate

Waukesha North High School

Chris Hill, LAT


Dr. Laith Al-Shihabi, Dr. Paul Johnson

Waukesha South High School

Caitlin Weber, LAT


Dr. Jon Englund

Waukesha West High School

Missy Hansen, MS, LAT


Dr. William Davies

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Call 414-750-9317 to learn more about partnering with ProHealth Care for athletic training services at your school or event.

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