Cancer clinical trials

We participate in cancer clinical trials – research studies that explore ways to improve treatments and quality of life. Choose ProHealth Care to gain access to these promising new cancer treatments that are not yet widely available. 

Innovative care in Waukesha County

Benefit from a robust cancer clinical trial program close to home. Your ProHealth cancer care team brings innovative care to you through our involvement with collaborative research networks.

On average, 15% of patients at ProHealth participate in a clinical trial – that’s higher than the national average. Research suggests programs that enroll patients at higher rates produce treatment advances more quickly.

Types of cancer clinical trials

Your doctor can help you learn about clinical trials that are appropriate for you. A physician may suggest a clinical trial related to:

  • Cancer screening and diagnosis
  • Treatment for all stages of cancer
  • Side effect management
  • Genetic and biomolecular aspects of cancer
  • Imaging

Clinical trial specialists

If you’re considering participating in a clinical trial, meet with one of our research specialists. You’ll learn about:

  • Current cancer clinical trials
  • How clinical trials work
  • Benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial
  • Potential costs of participating in a clinical trial

Paying for cancer clinical trials

Your clinical trials coordinator can help you understand your insurance coverage and health care costs.

Upcoming events

ProHealth Care offers educational programming and information in formats you can easily access from a mobile device or computer. Depending on the topic, online classes, pre-recorded videos or links to resources may be available.

Advance registration is required for live online classes. A link will be provided so you can log in and test the software before the program begins.

Online formats allow us to safely provide educational opportunities during the pandemic, and allow you to keep learning and investing in your health and well-being.

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Learn about cancer clinical trials available at ProHealth Care.

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