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Cancer genetic testing and counseling

Gain insight into your risk of developing cancer with a cancer genetic risk assessment at ProHealth Care in southeastern Wisconsin.

Genetic test for cancer risk

Genetic testing can reveal whether you carry a gene mutation that makes it more likely you’ll develop certain diseases. It doesn’t tell you whether you will get cancer. But you might use the results of your genetic test to:

  • Understand the cause of cancer in your family.
  • Determine your and your family members’ risk of cancer.
  • Work with your doctor to create a prevention and cancer screening plan.
  • Make decisions about cancer treatment.

Should I get a genetic test for cancer?

Talk with a genetic counselor about whether genetic testing might be right for you if:

  • A family member:
    • Discovered a gene mutation through genetic testing.
    • Had a rare cancer, or was diagnosed with cancer at a younger age than normal.
    • Was diagnosed with more than one type of cancer.
  • Several relatives have had cancer, especially if many relatives on one side of your family had the same type of cancer.
  • You’re a cancer survivor and are concerned about the risk of additional cancer for yourself and other family members.
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Genetics and cancer treatment

Discover how ProHealth Care uses cancer gene profiling and precision medicine to enhance your cancer care.

Certified genetic counselors

Whatever your concern or type of cancer, trust us for guidance, support and accurate information. At ProHealth, you’ll work with a certified genetic counselor with advanced training in:

  • Risk assessment for genetic conditions
  • Communication and counseling
  • Medical genetics

Your genetic counseling appointment

During a cancer genetic risk assessment, your genetic counselor will:

  • Ask why you’re interested in genetic testing.
  • Review your family medical history.
  • Discuss the role genes play in causing cancer.
  • Help you understand your risk of developing cancer.
  • Talk to you about how test results could affect you and your family emotionally.
  • Help you decide whether to pursue genetic testing and recommend which test is best for you.

Privacy and genetic testing

Your genetic information – as well as any other information shared during your visits with our genetic counselors – remains private, just like any other part of your medical record. ProHealth follows all state and federal laws to protect your health information. Learn more about health information privacy and security at ProHealth Care.

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