Doctor examining breast cancer scans.

Breast cancer

Choose ProHealth Care for comprehensive breast cancer treatment close to home in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. You’ll find advanced care and extensive support from a team focused on helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Diagnosing breast cancer

Take advantage of 3D mammography and other breast imaging services that help your doctor make a timely, accurate diagnosis. You may also benefit from genetic testing to see if you carry an inherited gene mutation linked to breast cancer, such as BRCA1 or BRCA2.

Risk of breast cancer

The most common factors that increase your cancer risk are genetics and family history. Research shows the chances of developing breast cancer increase with other factors such as breast density, history of abnormal breast biopsies, previous radiation to the chest and lifestyle. Talk with your doctor to learn if the high-risk breast cancer program is right for you.

Team approach

Trust us to treat your breast cancer and do our best to prevent it from coming back. Get coordinated care from a team of specialists that meets regularly to create the best treatment plan for you. You’ll appreciate a care team dedicated to helping you manage side effects, and feel comfortable and confident in your physical appearance. To learn more about members of the breast care team or schedule an appointment, call 262-696-0909.

Breast Care Team

Medical oncology

Christopher Hake, MD
Jonathan Kapke, DO
Laura Raftery, MD
M. Ali Raza, MD
Hamid Saadati, MD
Derek Serna, MD


Krista D'Amore, MD
Janet Durham, MD
Elizabeth Fowler, MD
Sherri Mann, MD
Katie Wolters, MD

Radiation oncology

James Jones, MD
Bambi Weyers, MD


Jennifer Bergin, MD
Gary Beyer, MD
Kathleen Klaas, MD
Jeffrey VanBeek, MD
David Roelke, MD
Jeannine Ruby, MD

Reconstructive surgery

Christopher Hussussian, MD
Philip Sonderman, MD


Christopher Davies, MD
Edward Kreimier, MD
Arch Pequet, MD
Kelli Pettit, MD
Travis Schmidt, MD

Breast cancer treatments

Partner with your cancer doctors to create a care plan that fits your preferences and specific type and stage of breast cancer. Access a full range of breast cancer treatments in Waukesha County, including:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy, also called endocrine therapy
  • Precision medicine and targeted treatments, including drugs that attack HER2-positive breast cancers
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery

Breast cancer clinical trials

Ask your doctor if you’d benefit from a breast cancer clinical trial at ProHealth. If you’re a candidate, you may be eligible for new treatments not widely available.

Breast cancer surgery

Most breast cancer care plans include surgery to remove cancerous tissue from your body. Work with your doctor to decide what type of surgery is best for you:

  • Mastectomy – Removes the breast to treat or prevent breast cancer.
  • Partial mastectomy (lumpectomy) – Removes only the cancerous tumor and some surrounding tissue.
  • Oncoplastic breast conservation surgery – Combines a partial mastectomy with plastic surgery in a single procedure to reshape the breast, position the nipple and/or help match breasts in size.
  • Lymph node surgery – Removes lymph nodes under your arm to see if cancer has spread, remove cancer that has spread or prevent your cancer from returning.

Options for breast reconstruction

If you want to restore the shape of your breast after treatment, talk to your doctor about options for breast reconstruction, including:

  • Autologus or “flap” reconstruction – Uses tissue from another part of your body to recreate your breast.
  • Delayed-immediate reconstruction – Places a tissue expander or temporary implant under your skin to preserve the shape of your breast while you complete other cancer treatments.
  • Immediate breast reconstruction – Reconstructs your breast at the same time that you have a mastectomy.

Support and wellness

Rely on ProHealth to help you live well throughout and after your cancer journey. Learn about support and wellness services especially for cancer patients and their families.

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