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Head and neck cancer

Turn to ProHealth Care for high-quality care of cancer affecting your larynx (voice box), mouth, nose, sinuses or throat. Through our unique partnership with UW Health, you’ll gain access to the latest treatments while receiving individualized care locally in a hospital environment.

Team approach

You’ll benefit from coordinated, individualized care from a cancer care team. Your head and neck cancer team includes ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, also called otolaryngologists.

Cancers we treat

Get care for all types of head and neck cancer, including:

  • Laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer
  • Nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer
  • Nasopharyngeal cancer
  • Oral and oropharyngeal cancer
  • Salivary gland cancer

Head and neck cancer treatments

Depending on your specific condition and preferences, your care plan may include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Precision medicine and targeted therapy, including drugs that target a protein called epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) that’s found on the surface of certain cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery, including transoral robotic surgery (TORS), which removes oral tumors through your mouth

Support for head and neck cancer

Get complete care with wellness and support services at ProHealth Care. If radiation therapy is part of your treatment plan, ask your team about dental care that can help you keep your mouth healthy.

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