Cancer treatments

Find a full range of cancer treatments close to home at ProHealth Care. Through our partnership with UW Health, we bring breakthrough therapies and advanced care to Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

Individualized care plan

Partner with your cancer care team to create a treatment plan customized for you and your specific condition. Your doctors will recommend the best therapies for you based on the type of cancer you have, how advanced it is and other factors.

Types of cancer treatments

You may have just one type of treatment, or your care team may recommend a combination of treatments. Trust a team with experience in:

  • Chemotherapy – Uses drugs to kill cancer cells throughout your body.
  • Hormone therapy – Blocks or decreases the hormones that help certain types of cancers grow, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Immune therapy – Helps your immune system fight cancer more effectively.
  • Precision medicine and targeted therapy – Uses medications that affect specific genes or proteins to slow or stop the growth of cancer.
  • Radiation therapy – Uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells.
  • Surgery – Physically removes cancer cells from your body; may also be used to prevent cancer or restore your appearance after treatment.
  • Tumor ablation – Uses minimally invasive, image-guided techniques to deliver extreme heat (microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation) or extreme cold (cryoablation) to destroy tumor cells.

Clinical trials for cancer

Ask your care team about clinical trials at ProHealth Care. If you’re a candidate, you may benefit from new treatments not widely available.

Coordinated care

Count on ProHealth to provide coordinated, effective care that helps you maintain the best possible quality of life throughout your treatment. Learn about our cancer support and wellness services.

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